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Healing &  Empowering Children

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1 in10

Children Will Be Sexually Abused By The Age Of 18


There Are 42M Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse In The US


90% Of Abused  Children Know Their Abuser

Dr. Crystal Krueger DBH,LMFT

Dr. Crystal Krueger DBH,LMFT

“Giving Trunk has made it possible for countless children to receive therapy for the trauma they have experienced. These children would not otherwise be able to get support without this foundation. The resource they are offering is amazing and doing good for children which will pay off for the rest of these kiddos lives."

Michaela Decker, LMFT

Michaela Decker, LMFT

“The last thing that a family should be worried about after experiencing traumatic events is how to pay for a essential therapy services. I am beyond thankful for the support that Giving Trunk has provided to my clients to be able to heal and move forward with their lives."

Joy Todd, MS, LPC, CCTP

Joy Todd, MS, LPC, CCTP

“Giving Trunk is a great support to myself and my clients in providing the needed link between quality mental health treatment for the treatment of trauma and financial resources. Often lack of financial means impacts a family's ability to access appropriate care for their child who has experienced trauma and Giving Trunk steps in to meet that need."

Jessica Kamin-Hardman, LMFT

Jessica Kamin-Hardman, LMFT

“Giving Trunk allowed me the flexibility and time I needed to help support families and their children who have suffered from trauma. Giving Trunk was able to provide funding to these families which allowed me to help not only the child but the entire family become survivors of abuse. I am so grateful for Giving Trunk and what they are doing to support mental health in our community."


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