Counseling Sponsorship

We believe every child deserves all the tools they need to succeed.  In 2019, we launched our counseling sponsorship program.  Financial aid is provided to children experiencing a financial hardship or on a wait list to receive clinical services, who would otherwise go without. 

To date, this program has provided financial aid to 4 children. 

Victim Assistance

We provide assistance to family advocacy and child crisis centers throughout Arizona by fulfilling items on their respective wish lists, to help provide for victim's and their families specific needs.

In 2019, we served 780 victims. 

Agencies We Assisted

Agencies assisted in 2019

  • ChildHelp of AZ

  • Southwest Family Advocay Center

  • Pinal County Family Advocacy Center

  • Pinal County Forensic Medical Program

  • Navajo County Family Advocacy Center

  • Corazon Behavioral Health Services